our story
TRUSS ARCHITECTS is family-owned architecture practice. We are second generation architects with more than 30 years of experience in private and commercial architecture. Our main areas of practise are architecture, urbanism, spatial strategy and environment design.
Andris Truss
Founder & Senior Architect
Inna Truss
Founder & Architect
Kristine Truss
Marketing & Management
Otilija Truss
Art & Design
We have designed private residences and villas for UHNWI and famous people in the Baltic State and Russia since 1994. Participated as a firm and individual architects in the development of the urban projects and spatial strategies.

In 2013 our leading architect was relocated to Moscow and worked as a chief architect in RDI development. Also he was represented our practice and founded architecture firm - Polygon. Russian studio has designed The First Active House in Russia, in collaboration with the Velux Group. During this period was produced following projects: the multi-format settlement of the Western Valley in the Moscow region, several urban projects, SPA centers, interior design projects and landscape design objects.

We are always was interested in the newest building materials and technologies. Nevertheless we mark great importance to the use of natural materials and always looking into the general ecology of the house.
How we work
During many years of our practice in the field of architecture and environmental design, we made great relationships with many first-class experts, engineers and construction specialists, both from Europe and Russia. By now we are able to perform any complexity projects and tasks form private residence to urban villages by selecting specialists from any related area and organizing a working group to implement the project.

If we will take as example a private residence project, workflow will be divided into the following basic stages: concept, sketch project, project and author's supervision.
development of the technical specifications
initial information collection & analyse
ideas and vision
2D/3D visualization
Sketch project
architectural documentation
construction solution / concept
engineering solution / concept
masterplan /concept
materials specification
2D/3D visualization
VR *
architectural documentation
construction documentation
engineering documentation
heating / ventilation / air conditioning
electrical project
water supply and sewerage
smart house
materials specification
2D/3D visualisation
VR *
Interior design project *
Author's supervision
supervision of the project implementation **
only the full engagement of the project designer can ensure compliance of the actual work with the original design, idea and style of the architectural concept.
We not only create a concept, but also produce high-quality technical documentation.The more detailed the project documentation, the easier to control costs, the more efficiently construction management will be carried out, the easier the project will be completed and the faster your dream will become reality.