The HOUSE is located in excellent site on the seacoast;
It is required detailed project of accomplishment and gardening;
A natural environment and landscape is secured
The HOUSE - as arranged and tidy site with terraces that falls to the sea;
The maximum use of the space and perfection of area.
The HOUSE – as landscape open house.
- Lack of borders between indoor and outdoor space.
- The natural landscape visually is a part of the house
- The walls "cut" and freely cross the space of the house
- The main entrance is located at the middle of the site / a mark 5.80 /
- The house has two levels:
1 level – garage, technical and subsidiary rooms
2 level - dwelling and subsidiary rooms
It is possibility to arrange several visual sights from windows – trees, bushes, decorative elements.
- Isolation from East and a West side neighbors.
- The height of main living room 4.5 m and height of other rooms 2.8 m
In summertime – maximum openness to environment.
In winter time – maximum closeness from seaside with blind protection from wind and rain.
Building have concrete bearing construction; some walls can be reveted by natural dolomite. Terraces from wood and stone around the house; Platform – concrete, stone and sand.
The colour scale of interior is light, neutral and natural. The colour score of the given furniture elements is choosed matching to materials of walls, ceiling and floors.
Sheets with a complete set of basic elements of interior and furniture are applied.

Systems for cooling of the building.

According to the local climate, natural ventilation is possible to run only short time period. All the rest of the year rooms have to have air conditioning.
Main building:
Preconditioned outside air supply for each room 1-3 air changes per hour, to keep comfortable indoor environment. Air treatment in the air handling unit – filtering, dehumidifying and cooling.
Slight excess of dry make-up air ensures that treated air rather than outdoor air will fill the building cavities, keeping them safe from condensation, molds and mildew. Dehumidification will be controlled by dew point temperature, to prevent the condensation in the building envelope.
To lower room temperature, concrete slab will be cooled till 20C with built in chilled water pipes. That will give good thermal stability and lover peak cooling loads.
Water-cooled chiller with heat rejection via heat exchangers to the swimming pool, hot water preheating and outside air. For noise reduction to the surroundings, chiller is placed in technical room.
Employee and guest spaces will be air conditioned by multi split units and mechanical air handling units for basic air exchange.

Aspects of energy saving.
Heat rejection from chiller to the swimming pool and hot water preheating.
High COP for chiller plant is reached with high chilled water temperature. Then low temperatures will be produced with separate split units.
Supply air is zoned with variable air boxes or smaller air handling units, to minimize the energy consumption for air treatment.
Load bearing walls are disconnected from the rooms, therefore many walls can be made from glass. Load bearing walls also give a possibility to break strong winds and separate sand, water mist.
Main vapour barrier is glass and hydro-concrete.