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Andris Truss
Inna Truss
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Otilija Truss
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Founder & Architects
Briefly about us:
We are architects in the second generation. We design private houses of elite class, in the Baltic States and Russia. We participate in the development of urban development projects.
In Russia, we represent and are the founders of the architectural firm POLYGON / the first Active House in Russia, together with the VELUX company, the multi-format settlement of the Western Valley in the Moscow region, town-planning projects, SPA centers, interiors and design /
Scheme of work:
We create a concept and organize a working group to implement the project.
During many years of practice in the field of architecture and design, relations with many first-class experts, engineers and masters in construction, both in Europe and Russia
There is an opportunity, for the project and its tasks, to select specialists in all areas to perform any complexity of designing and implementing the architectural design.